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Partnering Workshops and Contract Mediation

The Benefits of Attending a Partnering Session

 1.   Stakeholder Involvement: TxDOT and Contractor, Subcontractors, Engineering Design and                         Construction Management Consultants, Local Government and Utility Companies.
 2.   Workshop stresses Teambuilding and establishment of a cooperative attitude on the project as per             TxDOT contract.
 3.   Establishes lines of communication with team members.
 4.   Everyone starts on the same page.
 5.   Provides all parties an opportunity to be heard.
 6.   Breakout sessions focus on review of specific problems and brainstorming possible solutions.
 7.   Third Party Facilitator conducts discussion of difficult subjects in an appropriate manner.
 8.   Jose Hernandez, an experienced Facilitator and Certified Mediator, can promote the resolution of               difficult problems.
 9.   Workshop is tailored to your project and to your schedule.
10.  Workshop will provide a method for continuous monitoring of the Partnering relationship during the             life of the project.

Interested in learning more?
Jose L Hernandez has Conducted over 180 Partnering Workshops, the following are just a few examples of successful facilitation.

  • Dragados/Pulice/TxDOT, Hildalgo Co., 12/I 69C Interchange, Design Build, Project Total: $300,000,000
  • Zachry Construction Group. Stephenville, NH 1802 (546), Design Build
  • Broaddus Construction & UTMSI, Nueces Co., Building Construction
  • Jay Mills Contracting, Inc., Johnson Co., FM 916, Construction
  • WEBBER, LLC, Harris Co., NH 2016 (448), Construction
  • McCarthy Building Company, Travis Co., SH 71, Design Build
  • McCarthy Brothers Construction, Travis Co, SH 71, Design Build
  • James Construction Group, Bell Co. NH 2012 (691), Reconstruction, Project Total: $134,000,000
  • Zachry Construction Corp., Dallas Co. Cm 2007 (675), Construction, Project Total: $244,217,704
  • Zachry Construction Corp., Bexar Co. STP2006 (457) MM I410, Construction, Project Total: $117,000,000
  • ​Traylor Brothers, Galveston Co. BR2002(869), Construction, Project Total: $135,933,721
  • ​Sierra Blanca Constructors, DOT Co. US 70-Hondo Valley, Design Build, Project Total: $129,000,000
  • ​J.D. Abrams, LP, Travis Co. NH 99 (300), IH 35, Construction, Project Total: $87,827,455
  • ​Granite Construction Co., Dallas Co. NH 98 (457), SH 190, Construction, Project Total: $92,385,879
  • Granite/Sundt/Arizona DOT, Arizona DOt district, I17, Design Build, Project Total: $79,000,000
  • William Brothers Construction Co., Harris Co., STP93(14), Construction, Project Total: $81,080,619


 Improve communications, improve efficiency in the design and construction process, establish an effective problem resolution process to keep the project on schedule and on budget and to initiate the Partnering Process as soon as possible.